Garsin Shields 2 by Nick Rutter

In development…

The Complete Guide to Being A Girl (working title)

For two years we have been searching for a plot to bring the voices of young women to the musical theatre stage. Concerned by the anxiety epidemic our generation is facing, we wanted to explore some of the pressures on young women today, championing the themes of sisterhood, self-love and expectation in an accessible (in style and story), engaging and moving way. We also wanted to break down the false promises of ‘empowerment’ pedalled in much of our media, and shine a light on the sometimes conversely damaging rhetoric around womanhood that leads to heightened anxiety.

The Complete Guide to Being A Girl (working title) is in its early stages of writing, but we’re excited to develop a story that we think is long overdue!

The Premise

The ‘Best Girl’ competition arrives in Hallie’s hometown and claims to train the next generation of empowered and beautiful women. On finding a flyer for the competition, Hallie - filled with a youthful, naive optimism that keeps her looking for the best in people - enters, believing it will celebrate every girl for their uniqueness.

As Hallie and her fellow candidates undertake a series of tasks to be crowned the ‘Best Girl’, she starts to question the competition’s integrity and what it actually means to be the ‘Best’, uncovering controlling forces that influence the girls in damaging ways. Joining forces with new pal Eva, Hallie sets out to expose the hold on all the contestants and change the future for young women. Through Hallie’s refusal to morph into this world, she forces it to face some difficult truths and, with a newly formed sisterhood, changes minds and redefines what it means to be the ‘best’ in the process.


The above was recorded live at All That Scratch at The Other Palace, performed by Rebecca Bailey and accompanied by Joe Davison.
You can hear Emily & Anna talking about this musical and listen to “The Girl Who Has it All” on Episode 2 of the All That Scratch podcast, 24m 30s in.

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